EMEYF is a loose group of Quakers aged between 18 and thirty-ish from all over Europe and the Middle East.

EMEYF Annual Meeting 2015 took place at Brussels, Oct30-Nov1 2015 -- read the MINUTES!

EMEYF SPRING GATHERING 2015, Ureki/Georgia - Living one faith among many, 4th April to 11th April 2015

Read the EPISTLE! Read the MINUTES! ... and: Enjoy the PICTURES!

New and shiny: Read the EMEYF ANNUAL REPORT 2014!

First Information on the "European Quakers of all ages Gathering" (EMEYF 30 Anniversary Event) now available: http://emeyf.org/all-age-gathering-2016. The gathering is set to take place from 30.07.2016 - 06.08.2016 and will take place at Haus Venusberg, Bonn, Germany, and will be EMEYFs main event in 2016.


Upcoming Events

All-Age Summer Gathering (30.07.2016 - 06.08.2016, Germany)

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About EMEYF.

Read our latest Annual Reports (2012, 2013) - Annual Report 2014, "a new style Annual Report", to be published soon!

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