EMEYF Charitable Committee Trustees Meeting August 2010

European and Middle East Young Friends (EMEYF), Charitable Committee Trustees Meeting
22 August 2010
Present: Jonathan Riddell (clerking), Paul Sladen (secretary), Rachel Miller (née Bryers).
Apologies: John Fitzgerald, Marie-Hélène Drouin.
2010/01. We have learned of the resignation of John Fitzgerald as Charitable Committee treasurer of EMEYF, received by the trustees on 1 March 2010.  We are grateful for the contribution of John throughout his term between 2008 and early 2010 in performing the duties of treasurer and keeping track of EMEYF's UK finances.
2010/02. We have received a report of the business meeting held during EMEYF Spring Gathering at Portadown in Northern Ireland during April 2010, in which a replacement treasurer was sought.  The trustees are still awaiting the finalised minutes from this meeting, but we note that Mair Allan-Williams stated her willingness and was appointed as treasurer of the EMEYF Charitable Committee, to begin from April 2010.
2010/03. Subsequently on 1 August 2010, Mair Allen-Williams has informed us that her circumstances have changed and she will no longer be able to continue in the post of treasurer of the EMEYF Charitable Committee.  We accept Mair's resignation and additionally thank her for her tenture.
2010/04. We appoint Jonathan Riddell as interim treasurer of the Charitable Committee accounts until the next EMEYF Annual Meeting, scheduled to be held in November 2010 at Bad Pyrmont, Germany.  The Annual Meeting Nominations Committee will be requested to find and consider names for a new long-term committee treasurer.  We are grateful to Jonathan for stepping forward at such short notice to take over the workload in the mean-time.
2010/05. The Co-operative Bank plc shall continue as our bankers, in accordance with our original application.  We agree to execute the resolutions listed in Section 3a of The Cooperative Bank’s Change of Account Signatories Mandate form.  We authorise that the account signatory shall be changed to Jonathan Riddell.
2010/06. We warmly look forward to joining other Young Friends at Bad Pyrmont Quaker Haus, between 12 November 2010 to 14 November 2010.
Accepted in and on behalf of EMEYF Charitable Committee
Jonathan Riddell and Paul Sladen