Documents 2015-17


Spring Gathering (Poland): Epistle, Minutes

Communications Committee: Minutes 2017 (ongoing)

Charitable Committee: Trustee Minutes 2017 (ongoing)


Annual Meeting 2016: Minutes

All Age Gathering (Germany - 30ish years of EMEYF): Minutes, Epistle

Communications Committee: Minutes 2016

Charitable Committee: Trustee Minutes 2016


Annual Meeting 2015: Minutes

Spring Gathering (Georgia): Minutes, Epistle

Communications Committee: Minutes 2015

Charitable Committee: Trustee Minutes 2015

...and the shiny Annual Report 2015!


Please note: Other documents, incuding the current role descriptions, our bursary policy and information about the "Living Archive Project" and "Friends of EMEYF", are currently not available on this temporary replacement website (April2017). If you can't wait until our main sie is working again, please do not hesitate to email and ask for a copy! Sorry for the inconvenience.