EMEYF Treasurer Notes

EMEYF has three treasurers, a Charitable Committee Treasurer, a secretary and a consolidating treasurer.

The Charitable Committee Treasurer looks after the Pound Sterling account in England.  This person must be "a member of YFGM" which in practice means resident in Britain.

Our secretary (who works part time for EMEYF at QCEA in Brussels) looks after the Euro account.

Our Consolidating Treasurer looks after the end of year accounts by merging both sets of accounts.

The treasurers need to create budgets, ensure regular donations are requested, do fundraising, and send money to those in EMEYF who use it.

How the above tasks are split between the three treasurers is up to them but this burden should be considered when appointing treasureres.  In my opinion we should make more use of the secretary for the above.  EMEYFers have a habit of not doing much between meetings then realising at the meeting there are donations to be chased up or budgets written etc.

Regular Donors

Regular donors need to be chased at the start of each year.  This includes yearly meetings, YFGM and others.  I have a document listing them which the secretary should have access to.  EMES used to be a regular donor and our main funder but stopped in 2010.


Most of our funding comes from JRCT, this makes us over reliant on one source.  We should move towards having more donors.  Making it easier to donate through the website or having schemes such as a Friends of EMEYF to encourage individual donations would help.  I was working with this when I was the line manager of the secretary but it has not had much follow up since.

Ensure the JRCT application is made in plenty of time.  They only review applications a few times a year.  In 2010 the application was to fund our secretary and two meetings using actual costs from the average of the last three years.

Reporting and Budgets

The accounts are reviewed at Annual Meeting and Communications Committee meetings.  What exactly gets reviewed at each meeting is inconsistent.  I recommend Annual Meeting reviews the current year to date accounts and budget for next year while CC meeting approves the end of year accounts.

Spring gathering

Spring gathering manages its own finances.  Each year they should have their own treasurer and bank account.  The treasurer should have a budget and manage income and outgoings.  EMEYF gives a grant to spring gathering intended to fund a planning meeting.  EMEYF also gives a loan intended to cover costs until SG receives its income.  SG income comes from participant fees.  SG sometimes also does fund raising of its own but this is only if they are doing something expensive like going to the Middle East or Switzerland.  EMEYF also has a bursary fund for SG (this used to be from EMES John Warner trust fund but they decided to remove the burden and raise their general grant to us a few years ago, then they dropped our grant entirely).

Gift Aid

As a charity registered in England we can apply for Gift Aid for donations from UK taxpayers.  Sometimes committee members who do not wish to claim expenses chose to claim expenses then donate these back so we can claim Gift Aid.

Annual Report

As a registered charity our accounts are publicly available and must be reported to England's Charities Commission each year along with our annual report.

Account Examinations

Our accounts should be informally examined each year by a suitable third party (often a treasurer of a local meeting, in Brussels the QCEA treasurer) who will sign them as being an accurate representation of our finances.  There is no need for a formal audit.

Jonathan Riddell, October 2011