EMEYF Website Editor Role

The EMEYF website editor should keen the EMEYF up to date.

It is a role which can be held by another role holder (e.g. elder etc).  Much of the keeping-it-up-to-date can be delegated to the secretary if wished.  The secretary can't be the role holder because the person changes at least every year if not more often.

You will need to

  • Learn how to create and edit pages in the Drupal system (it's WYSIWYG but is a little different from e.g. a word processor)
  • ensure documents are added after each meeting (e.g. minutes)
  • keep the front page relevant and up to date, changing the spring gathering and annual meeting slots to advertise those events or with links on reports
  • add photos on a third party hosting site (e.g. Flickr) and link to them from the photo page
  • keep contact details up to date
  • keep everything else up to date as necessary
  • Use only standard file formats (e.g. no MS Word)

The website is hosted by Jonathan Riddell on a server belonging to Paul Sladen